Are we the right fit for you?

Now that you’ve got to know us better, you’re probably wondering if we can help you?

Before we admit a new resident, we want to know if they’re able to benefit from the treatment methods we offer. That’s why we ask to meet with every potential resident face-to-face or virtually before admission.

So do us a favour and run through our admissions and exclusionary criteria, as well as our payment plan before scheduling a call. It’s our way of saving you time.

Admissions Criteria

We require that residents are medically stable. They also need to admit themselves voluntarily.

Further to this all residents must be:

Important Exclusionary Criteria

Under what circumstances would we exclude someone from being admitted to Papillon?

daughter and mother reuniting

Paying for your or your loved one’s stay?

We understand that private care can be costly. So while we do prefer payment upfront, you can speak to our team about arranging a payment plan.

Here is what you need to know: