mental health rehab
A place where you can truly and confidently be yourself. That’s why our 26-bed facility operates as a village.
It feels like a home away from home so you can focus on combating your mental difficulties. Residents are housed in single rooms or shared accommodation and men stay separately from women.
It’s these small comforts that make Papillon an ideal place for recovery.

Refreshingly cool
swimming pool


TV Room


Entertaining Game Room


Gorgeous English country garden


Free Wi-Fi

Healing the mind often starts by healing the body.

We know that mental illness is directly related to gut health. So we brought in a nutritionist to craft a delicious menu focused on promoting a healthy digestive system. It’s called the gut health diet, and our on-site Chef Robert prepares it.
We cater to Halaal, Kosher and Vegetarian residents.
Aside from a healthy diet, we also encourage our residents to get active. Each person in our care is given a personal exercise regimen to follow. It’s how we help speed up the recovery process.

While we’d prefer to personally show you around Papillon,
you can take a sneak peek of our residency here.

Mental Health Recovery starts here.

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