Recovery From A Psychiatric Illness Is Possible

Discover the power of unmatched care and love at Papillon, SA’s only Private Psychiatric Recovery Centre.

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Tired of failed hospital stays?

A leading Johannesburg psychiatrist Dr Vuirli says: “The team approach at Papillon is unique in private – teams do not meet and work collectively in 21-day programmes. But most importantly, the 90-day programs at Papillon make the biggest difference to clients. Papillon allows people to find their path in life which is the greatest healing required. The free aftercare ensures that the high success rate is maintained.”

Why Choose Papillon Recovery Centre?

Because we understand exactly what you’re going through; our founder is proof that you can lead a meaningful life and make vital contributions to your community despite having a mental health condition.

In addition, the Papillon Team have dedicated the past 10 years to helping thousands of people suffering from mental disorders recover and regain greater independence.

We are South Africa’s only private psychiatric rehabilitation centre.

We are internationally recognised and trusted.

Statistically, 3-month programmes have a 600% higher success rate than any 21-day recovery programme.

Our residents enjoy safe, calm and desirable living conditions for their mental healing.

Our Papillon Approach is holistic and supports growth in every aspect of our residents’ life.

Every resident is an individual to help heal. Not a mental illness to treat.

We offer 24-hour access to a fully qualified multidisciplinary team at an affordable rate.

We don’t discriminate. We support all spiritual and religious practices.

McLean Harvard Medical School Affiliate

An Approach You Can Trust

Our trusted 3-month recovery programme is derived from the McLean Hospital recovery programme, a Harvard Medical School affiliate. It provides our clients with a 70% chance of achieving greater independence and successful social reintegration.

Papillon is the only psychiatric step-down facility in South Africa. Essentially a residential facility, Papillon places an emphasis on family work, which the team have had great success in with clients I have referred there. I recommend Papillon if your loved one requires longer than just a hospital stay.

Specialist Psychiatrist, Dr Elanor Holzapfel

I would highly recommend Papillon to anyone who wants to recover. And I don’t mean take a three-month break from your problems. I mean really recover and be able to function to one’s fullest in the outside world. Thanks to Papillon for giving me a new lease on life.

Mpho Matlala


Mental Disorders We Treat

Not sure we can help you? Our elite team of psychiatrists, occupational therapists, nurses and facilitators are qualified to treat a range of mental illnesses. In fact, our programme has successfully helped people with:

Facilities You Can Feel At Home In

The journey to recovery begins in comfort—somewhere just like home. You’ll find our 26-bed facility tucked away in Ferndale, Johannesburg and gardened by lushly green trees. It offers bricked pathways to meander along, and a refreshing pool to cool off in.

We look forward to welcoming you to our little village. Everyone who joins our community appreciates the calm, safe space we’ve created.

Next Steps​

No doubt you have questions. Perhaps you know you need help, but don’t know where to begin? Start here.

What do you do next?

We’d like to meet with you before agreeing to admit you (or your loved one). This is our chance to get to know you better, hear your story and determine if we can help you with our programme.

So contact us or fill in the form and we’ll set up an in-person or virtual meeting at a time that suits you.

What will it cost?

We are a private facility that’s not attached to any medical aid or government-funded programme. Although we prefer payment upfront, we can discuss and arrange a payment plan that works for you.

Click here to see if we fit into your budget.

How can you be admitted and what do you need?

To be accepted for admission, you need to tick certain criteria. For example, you must be over 18 years of age, capable of administering medication with supervision, and able and willing to participate in treatment and social gatherings. If you’re not sure, please don’t stress. Give us a call and we can still set up a meeting.

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Do you exclude people?

While we’d love to help everyone, we also accept our limitations. We know with whom we work best. Having said that, we still encourage you to reach out and arrange an in-person or virtual meeting. You can depend on us for a truthful assessment.

Read more about our exclusionary criteria here.