At Papillon we treat the individual, not just the condition

Papillon has successfully developed a dual approach to mental illness recovery based on the fundamentals of the McLean Hospital (a Harvard Medical School Affiliate) Recovery Programme’s rehabilitation process.

Our team of qualified experts will guide our residents through the Papillon 3-Step Rehabilitation Process, in assistance with their personalised Individual Treatment Plan. Every resident’s Individual Treatment Plan is also reviewed bi-weekly, and their rehabilitation progress assessed. This dual approach has proven integral to mental health recovery and reintegration.
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Individual Treatment Plans

We recognise that every person is unique. It’s why our multidisciplinary team works closely with each resident to develop a personalised treatment plan. These meticulous plans are reviewed bi-weekly to ensure our treatment solutions continuously meet the resident’s needs. Treatment includes:

3-Step Rehabilitation Process

Step 1:

Self-System Development

The first stage of our powerful rehabilitation programme aims to assist residents in developing basic ego strengths.

Ego strength is the ability to maintain your identity and sense of self when in pain, distress or dealing with conflict. Loved ones can be sure that your family member will be able to face difficult situations without slipping back into old habits.

This phase ensures our residents can function in the outside world immediately. It has a strong therapeutic focus on the development of self-insight and includes important family work throughout.

Step 2:

Trauma Processing

Once step one in the rehabilitation process is complete, we can move on to trauma processing. During this phase of the programme, we delve deeper into the healing journey.

This is a chance for residents to work through historic trauma such as physical and emotional abuse. With the help of expert facilitators, our residents learn how to ‘re-language’ negative life events and trauma so that they can begin to heal.

Step 3:


The final step in our rehabilitation process is reintegration. This is where true healing takes place. During this phase, we help residents to fully surface into the world. It requires various integrated strategies, but all are safe and sustainable.

We work closely with residents to build their CVs and expose them to learning and work environments. They’re sent on volunteer projects and they get to practice going home for days and then reporting in. Outside support groups are also set up for residents to turn to when needed.

The reintegration phase is the most important aspect of recovery as we need to be sure our residents won’t relapse once they leave our village. So it’s something we manage carefully and correctly.


Real Stories of Recovery

After a 5-year struggle with my mom and her condition, Schizophrenia, we were finally able to find a permanent solution at Papillon Psychiatric Recovery Centre. Thanks to the team for breathing life back into my mom.


My daughter suffers from Bipolar 1. When she first got to Papillon she was severely psychotic. Only 3 weeks later and my daughter is completely out of psychosis and on her way to recovery. For the first time in years, I have complete confidence that my daughter will make a full recovery.