Admissions Criteria

When we admit a client, our main concern is that they are able to benefit from the treatment methods we offer. We also require that the clients are both medically and psychiatrically stable and admit themselves voluntarily.

The following admissions criteria apply. If you or your loved one meets the criteria, you are welcome to contact us, and we can discuss the best possible treatment for them. Note that we are not attached to any medical aid or state-funded programs.

Admission Criteria:

18 years or older.

Diagnosis of a mental illness.

Able to move independently.

Able to administer own medication with supervision by staff.

Able to participate in treatments and services.

Free of medical conditions that require around-the-clock-care or nursing.

Able to maintain personal hygiene and grooming standards with staff supervision.

Able to interact in social situations with others, with staff supervision.

Can carry out designated household chores and look after basic everyday needs with staff supervision.

Exclusionary Criteria:

Major medical conditions requiring around-the-clock nursing care.

People who pose an uncontrolled or imminent danger to themselves or others (suicidal, aggressive or self-injuring) and require continuous supervision.

Any persons who are unable to communicate verbally, or who have a severe physical impairment, for example, severe visual or auditory disabilities and therefore run the risk of being not being able to help themselves if an emergency situation arises.

Persons who display ongoing inappropriate behaviour which is harmful to themselves or others and which has the ability to disrupt the day-to-day functioning of the Papillon.

Persons with any charges of or convictions for the perpetration of sexual assault or sexual abuse or who have been diagnosed as having these tendencies.

Any person who has exhibited any recent or current fire-setting behaviour.